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Restaurant Industry News

Supply chain and labor shortages, drone food delivery,and more


While politicians are divided on raising the federal minimum wage requirements, the restaurant industry is taking matters into its own hands. Some restaurant owners raised minimum wage to $15, as the pandemic revealed how essential their workers really are.


The Halal Guys is opening a restaurant in Colorado with plans for more. This quick-service concept is the world’s fastest-growing halal restaurant and has expanded from a food cart in NYC to an international dining experience.


After halting the program due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Starbucks is resuming their reusable cup program in June. They are experimenting with different contactless, sanitary-focused methods. This will aid with waste and may also aid in supply chain shortages.


Looking to hire new talent? Offer services and programs targeted towards those caught up in the ‘last-mile’ problem.


Big quick service brands are feeling the pinch of supply chain issues and labor shortages. Products like cups, sauces and more are out of stock or are being limited to protect dwindling supplies while demand continues to soar.


Kroger completed its first drone retail delivery in Ohio. Drone delivery is unusual but will likely take off in food services due to increased speed and convenience (for example, the ability to skip traffic and deliver food to any location).


Federal courts found that the 21-day application window prioritizingbusiness owners from specific ethnic backgrounds was discriminatory, halting the SBA’s grant distribution.
Additionally, the ruling pointed out arbitrary distinctions in the COVID-19 relief law that seem to warrant further consideration.