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Restaurant Industry News

Automation continues to help restaurants, striking for higher minimum wages and more



Workers at McDonalds across the county and at a prominent restaurant in DC are planning to strike for higher minimum wages.


As consumers continue to put more emphasis on sustainability in their eating and shopping choices, plant-based and low-emissions restaurants are rising to meet this need. The Michelin Guide is set to start awarding “Green Stars” to restaurants that commit to initiatives like low-energy LEDs, lower cooking temperatures (when safe), more eco friendly tableware, and better waste management at their restaurants around the world.


Restaurants and bars showed strong hiring in March. Average pay is up 5.6% in the past 12 months, but competition with other industries remains intense.


Automation continues to help restaurants dealing with staffing issues and increased concern about interpersonal transmission of diseases. QR codes in lieu of paper menus, for instance, are likely here to stay.


New legislation in Congress proposes to expand the pool of restaurant workers by allowing in more foreign workers, providing them with three-year visas if they take unfilled jobs at small businesses outside of agriculture.


Are you designing your workplace with neurodiverse employees in mind?