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Digital graffiti could affect your business, everyone’s scrambling to save EB-5, and more


With the federal eviction moratorium set to end on June 30, landlords are appealing to the Biden administration to not extend it, The Real Deal writes.

A portion of the beloved Cash-For-Visa program (EB-5), will expire at the end of June – and lawmakers are scrambling to extend it, TheWall Street Journal reports.


Companies such as Goldman Sachs and Citigroup are adopting their own personal approaches to returning to the office, ranging from hybrid work to making vaccinated employees come in, Wealth Management writes. Something similar is expected to play across the United States as more and more states begin to let up on their shutdown procedures.

As the COVID-19 pandemic slows down, healthcare facilities are experimenting with community-like models, where patients don’t need to leave their general area (and risk exposure to illness) to get necessary care,Commercial Observer reports.


As warehouses pop up to meet the growing demand for e-commerce, California groups are working on passing rules that help curb the pollution they produce, Bloomberg writes.

Professional Development:

Looking to hire new talent? Offer services and programs targeted towards those caught up in the ‘last-mile’ problem.


There isn’t a clear ‘winner’ or ‘loser’ when discussing how industrial and retail REITs performed in 2020, Bisnow writes.

Experts claim that commercial real estate’s bounce back will depend on how fast vaccination rollouts are issued, Money Control reports.


Propmodo proposes the potential effects that ‘digital graffiti’ could pose to commercial real estate, from a competitor putting their QR code on your building to a Pokéstop that brings crowds of people milling around your property.

An apartment building in Houston, Texas, is accepting bids in Bitcoin, Globe St. writes.


The Oregon Bankers’ Association, among other banks, is suing the state of Oregon for passing legislation that would prohibit residential and commercial foreclosures, Mondaq reports

Construction for the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club in Naples, Florida, is on hold after a lawsuit was issued against developer The Athens Group by a resident who claims the development would have an effect on his “reasonable use and enjoyment of the land,” Business Observer writes.