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Real Estate Industry News

The City of Los Angeles will be housing the homeless, net zero and multifamilies and more

Top of the news:

San Francisco had an overall vacancy rate of 16.8% throughout February.


The White House’s annual proposed budget for the fiscal year 2023 includes modifications to 1031 exchanges, among other things that would benefit commercial property investors.

New York’s legislators may determine a deal within New York State’s fiscal budget planning that would allow New York City three casino licenses.


Who’s fueling the demand for data centers? The financial sector.

A hospital on the verge of bankruptcy has put a hospital focused REIT in the limelight.


A New York City ad campaign is aimed at LGBT+ Floridians after the passing of the state’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill.


Workplace and tenant experience platform HqO is partnering with real estate firm Related Companies to help build upon Related’s tenant experience tech.


As part of a settlement, the City of Los Angeles is agreeing to make shelters for 60% of its homeless population.

Valentino has settled a lawsuit with the owner of 693 Fifth Avenue over the Italian fashion house’s alleged “ditching” of their storefront space.


ULI makes a case for using green spaces and biophilic design on buildings.

Propmodo finds that Class A multifamily properties with LEED Certifications earned 3.1% higher rents than ones without.

Professional Development:

Are you designing your workplace with neurodiverse employees in mind?