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Manufacturing Industry News

Manufacturing Industry News: Federal funding for job training, Hurricane Ida stalls economic recovery and more


The Economic Development Administration has $500 million for the Good Jobs Challenge, an initiative that helps fund job-training programs as part of a bottom-up economic and workforce development goal in the American Rescue Plan. Manufacturers can apply for this federal support, which may help with skilled worker shortages across the country.


U.S. industrial production slowed in August as Hurricane Ida caused shutdowns of refineries and plants along the Gulf Coast. This, in addition to ongoing supply chain issues and worker shortages, is hobbling the manufacturing industry’s economic recovery from the pandemic.


Understanding the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the manufacturing industry workforce is crucial to economic recovery and overcoming skilled worker shortages. Keeping honest communication open can make all the difference.


Employees are leaving or planning on leaving in swarms, with reasons ranging from burnout to return-to-work conflicts. Inc. has more.


Formosa Plastics Corp. will pay almost $3 million in civil penalties for violating the Clean Air Act. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, the Texas plastics company failed to comply with chemical accident prevention provisions, resulting in worker injury.


Stratasys Ltd. announced their commitment to leading the 3D printing industry mindfully and sustainably, with focus on climate action, a circular economy and social impact. To that end, they joined the Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association as a Founding Member.


The manufacturing industry continues to be hampered by shortages of electronic components, including computer chips. However, three major innovation strategies can get manufacturers through as well as make them stronger and more flexible for the future.