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Manufacturing Industry News

Toyota investing in U.S. EV development, automating cybersecurity compliance and more


Though the Biden administration is making efforts to clear supply chain issues in the U.S., economic experts warn that untangling the effects of COVID-19 on global and local supply chains could take longer than anticipated.


The explosive rise of counterfeit products sold online is causing significant economic harm to U.S. manufacturers. NAM estimates that in 2019, fake and counterfeit products cost the country over $130 billion and over 300,000 jobs.


Availability of affordable housing is at a critical low point. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory is tackling this problem, along with energy efficiency, to manufacture a high-performance building system that results in affordable and energy efficient housing.


Here’s the case for a shorter work week.


Increased connectivity in operational technology organizations has opened new risks in terms of cybersecurity, as evidenced in the recent increase in cyber-attacks against OT. Automating compliance is one strategy to improving cybersecurity.



OSHA citations were down 13% in 2021. For the 11th straight year, the leading source of violations was Fall Protection – General Requirements. Respiratory protection moved up one spot, potentially due to COVID-19.


Japanese industry giant Toyota Tsusho Corp. announced plans to invest about $3.4 billion in the U.S. to develop and produce batteries for electric vehicles that Toyota will also build there. The company had been criticized for being one of the last to join the shift to battery-powered vehicles.