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U.S. port congestion continues, when to invest in robotic automation and more


In spite of the Biden administration’s promises for a speedy solution, U.S. ports continue to face serious backups. A shortage of workers, specialized trucks and truck drivers are working in combination to jam the Long Beach Port in particular.


The talk of the manufacturing industry is robotic automation, but manufacturers must understand how and when an investment in that technology makes economic sense. Seeking clarity about how to apply this tech can help ensure a good result.


Ongoing technological revolution is remaking America’s labor force, requiring different skillsets and specializations. In manufacturing, likely changes include a reduction of production jobs due to automation/robotics with new jobs expected for higher-skilled workers.


How to avoid these all-too-common mistakes in your email communications.


The pandemic proved a painful wake-up call about weaknesses in manufacturing, from supply chains to workforce shortages. Manufacturers can build resilience, increase output and prepare for the future by adapting digital transformations, foremost the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).



One year after reaching a settlement, the United Autoworkers Union has reportedly “fallen short” on meeting reform efforts decided upon with federal prosecutors. The toxic culture described in the original corruption probe remains largely unchanged.


Sustainable technology can aid the global economy’s goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. In particular, automation may be key to eliminating emissions in the manufacturing industry.