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The right to repair, Industry 5.0 and more


As part of a July 9 executive order, President Biden encouraged the FTC to enact regulations that prohibit manufacturer policies banning equipment and device repair by independent shops and individuals. The right to repair will likely facilitate faster, cheaper and less wasteful repairs.


The next step in the evolution of the manufacturing industry’s processes is Industry 5.0, which brings with it the concept of a machine-assisted human. The IoT—an Industry 4.0 innovation—will be paired with AI and utilized by people.


New research shows that satellites in space can be used to track concentrations of microplastics in the world’s oceans. Tracking microplastics over time can yield better targeting for cleanup.


Here’s how to use gratitude to guide yourself during an intensive time.



Manufacturers looking to create new revenue streams may find a solution in servitization, a business model in which product-focused businesses transition to become solution-based businesses. One benefit is strengthened, ongoing customer interaction, even when buying may be down.


Motors are ubiquitous in manufacturing, but new tech can up efficiency and environmental sustainability while saving money. Updating motors with variable speed drives can reduce the amount of power expended by 25% and can slash a company’s energy bill in half.


A second-class action lawsuit has been filed against Colonial Pipeline over the ransomware attack that shut down operations and caused gasoline shortages across the Eastern U.S. The plaintiffs here are over 11,000 gas stations that were negatively impacted by the attack. The outcome will have an impact on future potential litigation around cybersecurity and liability.