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Updating employee handbooks, employee-expected pay raises and more


Recent shifts in the NRLB as appointed by President Biden, and an anticipated Democratic majority by Labor Day 2021, may result in different standards for employee handbooks. Employers may want to review their policies to get ahead of likely change.


Diversity and inclusion are terms often thrown around among HR professionals. However, companies with cultures that value diversity and inclusion are more innovative and more profitable.


With a workforce in high demand, employees have more negotiating power than ever before. A NEXT report, The Case for Office Space: How Buildings Need to Change to Suit a Climate-Conscious, COVID-Weary Workforce, details employees’ needs in returning to work, including a workplace emphasis on climate sustainability and environment.

Professional Development:

What you can’t do: fix your employees’ existential crisis. What you can do: help alleviate it. Harvard Business Review has some tips on how to do so.


To keep pace with rising inflation and cost of living, employees may expect pay raises over the next year. Many factors are still unknown and speculatory, but it may be wise to budget for higher employee salaries and rates.


The future of work is remote. Employees have made it clear that the majority prefer at least some hybrid options when it comes to work location. Building trust and engagement with remote employees can be difficult, but there are strategies and technologies that can aid in this process.


An ongoing court case in Ohio demonstrates the importance of monitoring diversity, equity and inclusion policies in the workplace. A white male police officer alleges that DEI decrees from 40 years ago are creating reverse discrimination, setting him up to be passed over for promotion.