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Non-compete agreements under fire, improving employee experience and more


President Biden’s July 9 executive order encourages the FTC to place limitations or bans on non-compete agreement usage. The intent is to encourage employee mobility, prevent low wages and promote economic recovery.


Employee experience is a layered, complex topic. However, several guiding principles can help HR professionals steer their organizations toward cultural change that prioritizes people and improves employee experience.


With an increasingly hybrid workforce, the basics of consumption and environmental sustainability are completely different. HR leaders have a chance to develop a hybrid workplace focused on sustainability in new, innovative ways.

Professional Development:

Here’s how to use gratitude to ground yourself during an intensive time.


A new survey from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce finds that business owners may be giving up on hiring new employees due to difficulty locating skilled potential hires. Worry over ability to cope with staffing shortages is common.


Digital burnout is one of many reasons why it’s crucial that HR technology solutions work toward consolidating screen time and mental effort. HR leaders can minimize the distraction of too many technologies, streamline and simplify to decrease burnout.


An appeals court ruled that a transgender employee who claimed her employer did not do enough to curtail harassment and a hostile work environment did not demonstrate inadequate response or illegal retaliation.