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HR Benefit Industry News

Building people-first organizations, “Unretirement” and more


The America COMPETES Act is set to create new job opportunities by funding semiconductor chip manufacturing, increasing scientific research, and reviving lapsed trade programs.


There is an increasing trend away from technology-driven HR operations and towards what Zenefits calls ‘People Operations’ and what McKinsey call ‘people-first organizations.’


Awareness is growing that Human Resources plays a vital role in firms’ cybersecurity operations. HR is responsible for screening employees for potential bad actors, as well as creating employment policies that lay out acceptable use of company technology and resources.


Are you designing your workplace with neurodiverse employees in mind?


Several states are proposing dramatic reductions in unemployment benefits to encourage more people to return to the workforce.


More companies are realizing the importance of having people with HR experience on their boards of directors, which can be especially helpful for achieving ESG goals. Other firms are realizing that HR departments form an essential part of sustainability practices and training.


As many positions continue to go unfilled, companies are focusing their efforts on retaining and hiring older workers, many of whom went into early retirement during the pandemic. Other employers are luring workers with higher wages and better benefits.