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Hotel Industry News

Easing international travel restrictions, increase in corporate travel and more


Hoteliers applaud the Biden administration’s easing of travel restrictions to Canada and Mexico, particularly those with cross-border operations that were stopped altogether at the start of the pandemic.


Though it could take years to normalize, the IHGsaw an encouraging increase in corporate travel in its third quarter trading update. This along with the return of leisure travel gives hotels reason to be cautiously optimistic.


After the White House announced lessening restrictions for vaccinated travelers, international bookings jumped massively, indicating the still-present desire for travel. The Christmas season promises to bring about even steeper increases in bookings.


The increasing integration of technology within the hotel industry has brought many benefits, but it also increases the odds of being a victim of cybercrime. Multi-Factor Authentication could be key for increasing digital security.


The passage of a bill in the Michigan State House of Representatives bars local governments from banning short-term rentals like Airbnb. The struggling local hotel industry condemned the move, predicting future damage both to hotels and to the housing market.


Global hotel management company Highgate announced intent to move many of its properties to 100% renewable electricity by January 1, 2022. Highgate has also partnered with ENGIE Impact to implement solutions to reduce overall environmental footprint among other sustainability goals.


Here’s the case for a shorter work week.