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Hotel Industry News

Hotel innovations in Las Vegas, metaverse hotels and more


There’s a new front in the ongoing struggle between the hotel industry and Airbnb: proposed new legislation in Congress that strip online rental platforms of federal protections that provide legal immunity for content posted by third parties.


A WSJ article finds that small- and medium-size companies are returning to their pre-pandemic levels of business travel, which is a boon for conference centers, airlines and hotels.


A news merger between Salter Brothers and Accor promises to include an industry-leading focus on ESG outcomes, including “green edgy procurements, waste and energy, water reduction and diversity.”

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Are you designing your workplace with neurodiverse employees in mind?


Rising energy prices pose a threat to travel generally and hotels specifically. Rising oil prices affect both car travel and air travel, therefore posing a risk to both domestic and international travel.


A few pioneering hotels are creating Metaverse presences to create new revenue streams and create enhanced customer experiences.


As cannabis legalization makes progress across the country, one company will be opening up a cannabis-friendly hotel just off the Las Vegas Strip, joining its existing property in Phoenix.