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Canadian border frustrations, how to capitalize on the summer travel spike,and more


The U.S. is putting pressure on Canada to open their border, which has remained closed to all but essential travel and then under severe restrictions. Travel between the two countries is down more than 80%.


Physical signals of friendliness that improved the customer experience, such as closeness and touch, have been rendered dangerous in the COVID-19 pandemic. Service industry workers can still connect with customers, but they may have to get creative.


The WTTC and UNEP releasedRethinking Single-Use Plastic Products in Travel & Tourism, a new report addressing single-use plastic within the travel and tourism industries. The goal is to encourage coordinated efforts globally to shift away from single-use toward reduce-and-reuse models.


Looking to hire new talent? Offer services and programs targeted towards those caught up in the ‘last-mile’ problem.


Travel demand is surging this summer, and for the hotel industry, economic recovery post-COVID-19 might depend on knowing how to capitalize on demand spikes like this one.


Long-term success for hotel properties may depend on technology investment. Wi-Fi, environmental monitoring, CCTV, cellular boosting and building intelligence are prime areas in which hoteliers should consider investing.


An analysis of lawsuits involving the hotel industry and COVID-19 provide insights about the future. For example, private insurance has not covered pandemic-related losses, and so hotels should consider other means of help both now and in the future.