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Federal negotiations to lower medication costs, AI in the public health sector,and more


According to KFF Health Tracking Poll, the majority of the U.S. population favors federal government negotiations to lower medication costs. This is in line with the Biden administration’s stated goals and may put pressure on Democrat and Republican lawmakers alike.


In a recent survey by NORC intended to help rebuild trust in the U.S. medical system after the COVID-19 pandemic, over half of patients indicated that the healthcare system discriminates against people. However, physicians viewed issues of discrimination as less severe and likely to improve.


Barco Uniforms announced that it had recycled over 40 million plastic bottles in manufacturing its top-selling sustainable healthcare scrubs and shoes, a 115% year-over-year increase

Professional Development:

Looking to hire new talent? Offer services and programs targeted towards those caught up in the ‘last-mile’ problem.


Charity RIP Medical Debt reached a deal with Ballad Health to wipe out over $200 million in outstanding patient medical debt. This agreement could provide a model for future charitable purchases of such debt from provider organizations.


A recent UCLA case study that used AI to identify COVID-19-vulnerable neighborhoods in LA is an example of the ways in which AI can benefit public health, and likely will continue to develop in the future.


A federal judge dismissed a Texas lawsuit brought by hospital employees who sought an injunction against their employer’s policy to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or face losing their jobs. This ruling could provide precedent for similar situations across the U.S. in which hospitals have mandated vaccinations for staff.