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Healthcare Industry News: Biden splits up the Build Better Act, technology for heart monitoring improves and more


President Joe Biden endorsed splitting up large parts of his $1.75 trillion Build Back Better Act to pass separately after centrist concerns doomed passing the package overall late last year, but it remains unclear what pieces will make their way through this week’s negotiations in Washington DC.


The National Sepsis Data Trust Initiative (NSDTI) seeks to create a hub for sepsis-related clinical and claims information, available at the national level. The goal of this data trust is to better understand how we get sick with sepsis, thus people will be diagnosed sooner which hopefully leads them down a clearer path toward recovery.

Professional Development:

Here’s what courageous leaders do.


Wheel has announced $150 million in funding to fuel their growth. The prebuilt virtual care platform is helping healthcare companies scale up telehealth services and do it faster than ever before.


COVID’s last effects on the heart have left many looking for ways to improve care. One company, InfoBionic, has developed what they claim will be the only full disclosure remote cardiac monitoring device on market.


The complaint against HCA Healthcare charges the health system with monopolizing an orthopedic surgery market in Sarasota, Florida and harming its surgical partners by forcing them into sham contracts that send patients their way.