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Insights, Alerts & Trends | ENERGY IAT  |  ENERGY IAT SEPTEMBER 22

Energy Industry News

Solar panels in odd places, how hurricanes and rising oil prices are connected and more.

Top of the news:

Scientists at The Ohio State University have found a way to convert hydrogen sulfide into energy.


Norway’s new election could help end the country’s oil exports, with an opponent who has voiced interest in ending the country’s exportation on oil gaining popularity and roughly 35% of Norwegians showing interest in the same, Euro News reports.


As a dwindling job market in the oil and gas production industry and changing views on sustainability drive students away from oil and gas engineering, energy engineering colleges are revamping their programs to focus on alternative forms of energy, The Globe and Mail writes.


Illinois has signed the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act into law, The Grist reports.


Factors such as Hurricane Charlie leading to the closure of some Gulf oil wells has led to a one week high in oil prices, Reuters reports.


The recent power outage at energy company Vistra Corp.’s Moss Landing energy storage site puts a spotlight on the potential risks that come with energy storage, E&E News writes.


The state of Vermont has sued some of the largest energy corporations, such as Shell Oil Company and Sunoco LP for allegedly misleading consumers on how much their products contributed to climate change, ABC News writes.


Employees are leaving or planning on leaving in swarms, with reasons ranging from burnout to return-to-work conflicts. Inc. has more.