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Energy Industry News: A strike at Exxon Mobil, solar power facility in space, and more

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It’s electric: rideshare company Uber is partnering with French oil and gas company TotalEnergies to help drivers transition to electric cars by providing access to charge points and assistance in converting to electric.


In order to finance the current infrastructure deal, the U.S. is considering selling crude oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, Oil Price writes.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has signed legislation that would prevent cities in Ohio from banning propane hookups or natural gas in order to decarbonize buildings into law, The Ohio Capital Journal reports.


A strike at the Exxon Mobil Corp. unit in Chad has cut the company’s crude oil production drastically, Market Watch writes.


Natural gas driller EQT. Corp. has announced their net zero goals from both its operations and its use, World Oil reports. The biggest hurdle in the company’s way could stem from its customers’ emission levels, which is 140 times the levels of the company’s production methods. Of note is that EQT. Corp. has left out Scope 3 emissions in its net zero goals list, which include tackling customer emissions.

Scientists from Penn State and a researcher from Syracuse University’s College of Arts and Sciences have developed a way to holistically go over water quality data to determine how groundwater samples have been affected by methane leakage from oil and gas drilling via a machine learning technique they developed, Technology Networks writes.


What you can’t do: fix your employees’ existential crisis. What you can do: help alleviate it. Harvard Business Review has some tips on how to do so.


The OPEC+ is expected to be adding roughly two billion barrels per day from August to December, Al Jazeera reports.


Once super heavy lift rocket, Long March 9, is completed, it will be used to construct a solar power facility in space, Space News writes.

Satellite provider Speedcast has recently completed testing on satellite communication company Telesat’s Low Earth Orbiter (LEO) having used data provided by the Brazilian petroleum company Petrobras, Satellite Today reports. The technology could prove especially useful to Petrobras – it would enable them to use enterprise resource systems in areas that can’t utilize Geostationary satellite technology.


Advocacy groups and municipalities local to Niagara, New York, are part of a lawsuit against the Office of Renewable Energy Siting for allegedly violating state law in not complying with the State Environmental Quality Review Act, Niagara Gazette writes.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of a collection of energy companies, including Enbridge Inc., in a 5-4 ruling, Reuters reports. This overturns a lower court’s ruling that Enbridge Inc. was not allowed to seize land without the permission of New Jersey’s government, as they had a certificate from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.