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Insights, Alerts & Trends | Energy IATEnergy IAT  JANUARY 19

Energy Industry News

Greenhouse gas emissions are up again, China’s buying sanctioned oil and more

Top of the news:

E&E News is predicting how legislation and the economy will affect the oil industry in 2022.


The state of Louisiana is seeking an Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act grant to help close up the abandoned gas and oil wells that populate the state.

The Biden administration is working to turn back Trump-era legislation that increased the amount of land that could be drilled upon within the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska, though they plan to keep roughly 52% of it.


Argentinian government and activists are clashing over the right for companies to search for oil in the Atlantic Ocean. 

Tengiz oil field operators in Kazakhstan are saying that all is normal after protests in the area were quelled.


Greenhouse gas emissions rose in 2021 as Americans began traveling and working in office again.

Crypto’s moving into the carbon reduction market.

Professional Development:

Here’s what courageous leaders do.


In 2021, China has bought a significant amount of oil from countries that the U.S. has sanctioned, such as Venezuela and Argentina.

Recognition of the Omicron COVID-19 variant’s expected lack of effect on the markets helped oil rise to $83 a barrel.


Sinopec has completed the construction of a carbon capture unit that will use captured carbon emissions to help extract more oil from oil reservoirs at the Jiangsu field site.


A California state appeals court has denied a request from Motiva Enterprises for insurance coverage to help pay off a settlement with workers who were injured in a fire from the company’s Port Arthur, Texas oil refinery.

The Colorado Supreme Court has issued a writ of certiorari in order to review the Colorado Court of Appeals’ ruling in a lawsuit to prevent Crestone Peak Resources from having their application to drill new well pads approved.