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Construction Industry News

Multifamily in 2022, much ado about Mitch and more


Cheryl McKissack Daniel, President and CEO of construction firm McKissack & McKissack, has inspired a new drama that’s debuting on Paramount+.


Former New Orleans mayor and former Lieutenant Governor to Louisiana Mitch Landrieu has been selected by President Biden to oversee the $1 trillion set aside for national infrastructure repair – and the decision has all sides split.

The U.S. Department of Energy has launched their “Building a Better Grid” Initiative to help upgrade electric transmission lines.


Rising property values and rent raises are expected to affect multifamily significantly in 2022.

Kohler Co.’s Power Group has acquired Heila Technologies and Curtis Investments.


Residents of Hayneville, Alabama are hoping that money from the recent infrastructure bill will help replace the aging water-based infrastructures, but a lack of political heft or financial backing may leave them hanging out to dry.

London mayor Sadiq Khan is calling for a new visa scheme that will make it easier for laborers to stay in the U.K. for longer.


The city of Las Vegas has revealed its digital twin, which covers a seven square kilometer section of its downtown area, for the purposes of planning and addressing energy use.

Construction Automation’s Automatic Brick Laying Robot has received NHBC approval.


Contractor Mario Nunes has pled guilty to tax evasion and filing false federal income taxes.


Focusing on building more valuable projects, using green technology and offering decarbonization incentives are some of the ways that construction can move towards decarbonization.


Here’s what courageous leaders do.