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Insights, Alerts & Trends | Cannabis IATs Cannabis IATs  OCTOBER 27

Cannabis Industry News

States most likely to legalize next, economic trends toward a standardized market and more


As state legislatures begin to legalize recreational cannabis, and as it becomes clear that the majority of the U.S. population supports legalization, here are the next states most likely to legalize cannabis in 2022.


In the seven months since legalizing cannabis, the state of Illinois has seen nearly $1 billion in adult-use sales. This is a trend that reflects momentum away from the underground market toward the regulated cannabis industry.


A new nationwide poll by SICPA in collaboration with The Harris Poll shows broad support for secure, tamper-proof labeling of cannabis products and a willingness to pay extra for indicators of product safety and legitimacy.


Here’s the case for a shorter work week.


AI technology continues to transform industries, including cannabis production. Infusing AI into the seed-to-sale process yields data that can be weaponized to improve average order value and improve customer experience overall.


Cresco Labs announced its nationwide “Summer of Social Justice” initiative raised over $250,000 and supported the expungement process for over 1,000 people with criminal records related to cannabis.


A new study published on PLoS One found that illegal cannabis farming threatens endangered species through pesticide use and destruction of habitat.