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Cannabis Industry News

Biden fails cannabis, e-commerce expansion and more


In spite of hopes and campaign promises that the Biden Administration would push for cannabis law reforms, nothing has materialized. Instead, President Biden is showing every sign of being anti-cannabis, including pushing back against the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act.


One of the most recognized names for cannabis discovery and resources, Leafly Holdings Inc., is merging with Merida Capital Holdings with the intent to go public. This is another indicator of the economic growth for and interest in the cannabis industry.


According to an American Marijuana study, 15% of full-time remote employees surveyed have worked under the influence of cannabis. Effects included increased creativity and productivity with decreased stress.


Airfield Supply Company has launched a proprietary e-commerce website, built on Adobe Commerce. This makes the site the most robust online cannabis shop in the United States. As the industry and customer market expands, e-commerce will be crucial to growth, here and internationally.


The Michigan state Attorney General filed a brief arguing that people fired for marijuana use on personal time should not be in danger of losing unemployment benefits. Michigan legalized cannabis in 2018, and the AG objects that some employers are trying to hold employees to a conduct code beyond what is legal.


As the cannabis growing industry expands, the environmental impact is becoming clearer. A lack of regulation around eco-friendly practices contributes to the industry’s unsustainable practices. However, cannabis growers can offset environmental impact now, which may be best, as regulation will no doubt follow the industry’s economic boom.


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