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Cannabis Industry News

House passes legislation, retail cannabis hits the shelves in New Mexico and more


On April 1st, the House of Representatives voted to approve legislation that would legalize marijuana across the country. This would end criminal penalties for the manufacture, sale and distribution of cannabis. This would have huge ramifications for all aspects of the industry.


Retail cannabis began operations in New Mexico on April 1st, which many hope will be a boon to the economy.


Arizona is attempting to give 26 social equity licenses to communities most harmed by previous prohibition; the program faces a new legal challenge from applicants who say their applications were not properly vetted.


A variety of companies are working on no- and low-sugar ways to mask the bitterness of CBD and THC in edibles, joining a general trend away from treats high in sugar and high-fructose corn syrup.


Legislators in New Jersey are holding hearings on “totally unacceptable” licensing delays for marijuana businesses, while in Kansas, a company called Empyreal that offers cash collection and transport services for medical cannabis businesses is suing law enforcement agents after they seized $165,620 in assets; Empyreal says the cash was collected legally from state-licensed dispensaries.


A new cannabis extraction technology from Eco Innovation Group promises to use a non-C02 solvent and cofactors to extract bioactive compounds from cannabis plants, which should reduce carbon production and water.


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