For A Better Tomorrow.

Environmental, Social, and Governance

IMA’s Commitment to ESG

To culturally embed an ESG philosophy into what we do every day to leave our company, our communities and our environment in a better place for all current and future stakeholders. We will govern and act in a way that inspires positive social change to ensure IMA remains independent while helping our associates, our clients and our communities remain resilient.


Environmental, Social and Governance is a focus for IMA Financial Group and its subsidiaries. While IMA has a long history of supporting the communities where IMA operates, has a firm commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), and has taken steps to have a broadened focus on sustainability, there are many opportunities still ahead.

Similar to IMA’s DEI journey, IMA’s commitment is to listen, learn and lead to achieve its ESG goals. Currently, IMA is crafting its ESG strategy, gathering key stakeholders to provide important feedback and determining the best ways to support its clients, associates and communities in this work. A key component to ESG is transparency, and while IMA has been doing pieces of this work for decades, IMA is committed to formalizing that work through a clearly stated and measurable ESG strategy.