Executive Risk

Energy is one of the riskiest industries in the United States.
As such, the executive leadership of energy and oil and gas
companies are far more likely to come under fire as compared
to other industries.

The risks faced by energy companies and their leadership vary
widely between energy verticals and require bespoke solutions.

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IMA’s Executive Risk Practice helps executive leaders protect their companies and themselves when operating in unique verticals:

+ Billing Errors and Omissions
+ Crime, including 3rd party
+ Cyber Liability
+ Directors & Officers Liability
+ Employment Practices Liability, including 3rd party
+ Fiduciary Liability
+ Fraud and Abuse Allegations
+ Other Regulatory risks such as Stark, HIPAA, EMTALA

What is at risk?

+  Company, Organization or Entity Assets
+  Personal Assets of Directors or Officers
+  Reputation of your Company or the Individual Director or Officer
+  Criminal Punishment

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