Whole Health

A strong work site wellness program that
helps target the three key areas of health
– financial, physical and mental – can be
an important coefficient in a workplace.

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The IMA Whole Health team partners closely with clients to design and deliver integrated solutions which align with the company’s mission and strategic goals and empower employees to live healthy lives.

Challenges to Addressing Wellness

+ Unhealthy population dealing with a diverse set of long-term physical and mental health needs
+ Limited budget and internal resources
+ Complex network of proposed solutions
+ Poor implementation will result in low adoption leading to costly failure

Outcomes of Addressing Wellness

+ Attracts and retains employees
+ Helps control escalating health care costs
+ Reduces employee absences and improve productivity
+ Manages chronic health conditions
+ Improves the company’s image in the community

Prevention Services

PCP visits/screenings
Health coaching
Wellness programs

Financial Services

Retirement planning
Financial coaching
Student debt assistance

Mental Health Services

Mental health first aid training
Self-guided programs
Digital behavioral health

Whole Health Integration

+ Targeted Solutions Driven by Data Analytics
+ Vendor Partner Guidance and RFPs
+ Benefit Plan Integration
+ Communication Planning
+ Strategy Consulting
+ Compliance
+ Employee Surveys