Digital Asset + Blockchain Benchmarking Survey

As one of the leading insurance brokers in the sector, IMA’s Digital Asset + Blockchain Benchmark Survey is the first of its kind – created specifically for the blockchain and digital asset industry. Respondents will receive a report which details best-in-class benchmarks, detailing factors including: limits of coverage, cost structures, and key carriers providing coverage for blockchain and digital asset companies.

Decentralized Benchmarking

IMA’s Digital Asset + Blockchain Benchmark Survey aims to be the principal sources of insurance market intelligence for companies operating in this space. From venture-backed startups to publicly-traded enterprise companies, the insurance marketplace for digital assets and blockchain remains fragmented, difficult to navigate, and frequently cost prohibitive. By sourcing data from companies directly, the report will offer an unbiased, homogeneous outlook on the marketplace and coverage design.

Survey Key Notes:

  • Participation in the survey grants full access to the final survey peer data
  • Data is anonymized and aggregated (no company-specific data will be released)
  • Report will be released after the survey closes (est. Q2 FY23)

As the first benchmarking study of its kind, the report will offer decision makers a better understanding of the market, enhanced leverage when negotiating coverage/cost, and a third-party resource to explain purchase decisions to boards of directors and C-suites. The study is open to all companies globally.

The survey is open to companies in all digital asset and blockchain companies, including:

  • Cryptocurrency Mining/Data Centers
  • Exchanges
  • DeFi
  • NFT Platforms/Projects
  • DAOs
  • Digital Asset Payments/POS
  • Regulatory Compliance/KYC + AML
  • Blockchain Development
  • Digital Asset Funds
  • Digital Infrastructure + Gaming

Why Should Companies Submit Their Data for this Study?

Currently, there is no single-source for unbiased insurance benchmarking data for the digital asset and blockchain industry. A singular broker or carrier may have a small data set, but it will always be slanted towards their aptitudes and appetites. IMA’s Digital Asset + Blockchain Benchmark Survey aims to solve the challenge these companies face when seeking peer data to make the best financial decisions regarding risk transfer – by decentralizing the process.

Click the button below to access the survey submission portal. Data is secure, confidential, and is encrypted in transit, at rest and on all backups. Again, no company-specific information will be released and is only used to deliver the final report to the recipient.

The survey should take no more than 5-10 minutes, assuming you have all policy information on hand. Policies to be analyzed include:

  • Commercial General Liability/Excess
  • Property
  • Cyber/E&O
  • D&O (public and private company)
  • Crime

You are welcome to complete questions for any relevant line(s) of insurance your company purchases. In the event you have opted to self-insure, your input in the survey is still requested.