Workers’ compensation is one of the most costly
and complicated areas of risk for construction
businesses to manage. Without proper management,
workers’ compensation claims cost can become a
significant cost burden.

IMA wants to help your company prepare for its unique workers’
compensation challenges. By planning, and not just reacting,
companies can better care for their employees’ health and safety.

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What if you could accurately predict the costs of workers’ compensation claims for your organization?

+ Experience modification factor projections: Prepare for policy
renewals in advance and project lowest possible mod factor and how
claims will affect future premiums

+ Experience modification factor projects: Audit policy information
for possible errors and fix adverse information, saving clients thousands
of dollars

+ Deductible cost and retention plans and benefit analysis: Evaluate
opportunities to save costs with small deductible and large retention plans

Company Growth
Review classification codes for accuracy

Mergers and Acquisition
Assure accuracy in worker’s compensation data and evaluate the combined experience mod factor