Global Risk

IMA Global Risk utilizes a unique strategy to apply to and service
our clients’ insurance programs through the 135+ members of the
IMA global network.

Unlike other brokers who utilize ‘owned’ networks of affiliate offices
and have no incentive to go above and beyond, the partners of the IMA
global network are incentivized to provide the best of both worlds: cogent
global strategy and bespoke, expert and hands-on local service.​

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IMA Global Network Services

+ Analysis of the needs of international offices and entities together with IMA and local brokers

+ Explanation of program policies to local offices as well as information about the coverage provided by the Controlled Master Insurance Program

+ Coverage Gap analysis

+ Administration of the locally placed policies: premium invoicing, premium adjustments for liability, business interruption and investments, if needed

+ Benchmarking: regular testing of pricing, terms and conditions

Global Reach

In addition to strong relationships with international brokers across the globe, IMA has cultivated close ties with a multitude of internationally based carriers – ensuring clients have access to the most competitive rates and comprehensive coverages.

A Deeper Dive


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