At the heart of IMA’s mission is an inherent desire to make a difference by helping create safer workplaces. For more than 40 years, IMA, Inc. has been differentiating itself from the competition with its risk control solutions.

Utilize risk control specialists that are experts in their field. IMA has handpicked them for their knowledge within various industry sectors and for their ability to make practical recommendations that you can implement. Their industry expertise includes:


Client risk program

Join forces with a business partner who knows how to help you achieve your financial goals. IMA works with you to understand your financial goals and operational challenges so we can identify, develop and deliver Risk Control Solutions that strategically mesh with your goals.

Risk control solutions

RiskScore—Benchmark your organization using industry best practices. Identify improvement opportunities, prioritize projects and document success in order to reduce your risk and drive down losses and premiums.

IMA On-Site— Provide additional support to your internal team by having IMA on site for OSHA/DOT/JCAHO inspections or augment your safety auditing staff’s expertise with our industry-specific safety professionals.

IMA Trainer—Fulfill training requirements through IMA’s industry-specific safety education and online safety training for employees. Subscribe to our monthly Safety Matters training materials.

Risk Management Center—Use technology to organize risk management initiatives, analyze your claims data and spot trends.

Strategic Advisor—Tap into seasoned professionals to assist your company with strategic planning and creative ideas to reduce the total cost of risk (TCOR).

Risk Results—Deploy solutions from IMA and vendor partners with documented ROI that reduce risk, TCOR, and maximize bottom line revenue.

Value-added benefits

Additionally, IMA employs personnel with unique skillsets and advanced training such as fire protection, crisis management, industrial hygiene and ergonomics. The result is that you have knowledge on hand from advisors who have actually worked in the industry with specialized knowledge – at no additional cost.

Additionally, IMA believes training is the key to preventing injuries and reducing claims.  As a result, you have a library of resources and loss prevention training materials at your fingertips. Subscribe to IMA’s quarterly Safety Training Newsletter available for construction, energy, hospitality and manufacturing. There is even a general topic for other sectors. Clients also have access to online safety training and can borrow DVDs and stream videos from more than 200 titles.

Interactive Safety Training

Because there’s no other organization quite like yours, you deserve custom safety training to protect your assets.

Improve safety within your establishment with training delivered by IMA’s certified safety professionals. Base regulatory, competent person and train-the-trainer safety programs are supported through handouts, demonstrations, exercises, videos and other training opportunities including:

  • Customized regulatory training
  • Supervisor safety training
  • PEC Basic, SafeGulf, SafeLand USA Training
  • Online safety training
  • Safety training toolkits
  • On-demand streaming videos
  • First aid/CPR/AED
  • Defensive driving
  • Substance abuse awareness
  • OSHA 10 and 30-hour training
  • Industrial and office ergonomics
  • Back injury prevention
  • Loss analysis exhibits
  • Disaster recovery planning and crisis management
  • Written safety programs
  • Property and fire protection reviews
  • Baseline risk assessments
Facility and jobsite safety audits

Specific industry safety audits provide uniform compliance and can minimize hazards. Audits are tailored to your needs and scored for inclusion in a safety accountability program.


Safety culture development

Supervisor education and a culture of safety accountability have been shown to effectively drive safety performance and long-term cost containment. Employees must be engaged and committed to accident prevention, and IMA is available to help you develop presentations for conventions, conferences or meetings.


OSHA, DOT, MSHA and EPA Compliance

Managing and tracking training programs are critical to comply with federal and state regulations. With IMA, you’ll stay informed on the latest compliance updates and have access to a database of safety programs and presentations that can be customized to your company.


Drivers safety programs

Drivers can be a major liability for your organization. Employees driving on company business are the second-highest source of insurance claims. IMA defensive driving education, MVR review programs, driver monitoring and substance abuse testing can be tailored to help you manager your fleet’s safety and stay in compliance with DOT regulations.


Industrial hygiene

Chronic occupational diseases such as silicosis, hearing loss and contact dermatitis are controllable and can be reduced through surveillance, training and engineering controls. IMA is trained to recognize and minimize these hazards so your risks of a claim are reduced.


Safety and wellness integration

Despite an organization’s best efforts to manage occupational injuries, poor employee general health and wellness can substantially increase the length of an absence from work and the cost of the claim. Together with IMA’s claims and health risk management (Life IQ) teams, you’ll have access to cutting-edge programs that integrate safety and wellness to control the medical and indemnity costs of claims.



IMA also gives clients access to an ergonomist. Their proven approaches for education and work station evaluations can be easily incorporated into your current safety procedures.

Crisis Management

Fires, workplace violence, employee injuries and natural disasters – these are just some of the most common situations that can affect your business through a damaged reputation, loss of customers and reduction in revenue. Responding quickly and confidently in a crisis situation can be the difference between ruining your company’s reputation and emerging as a responsible organization with good leadership.

Crisis planning in no longer just good business. Having a crisis plan is a business imperative, and it’s required of vendors who supply Fortune 500 companies.

IMA has introduced the crisis management guide as part of its commitment to help protect your assets. As roadmap to navigate the issues inherent in a crisis, the guide helps your company develop a plan that addresses three key areas:

  1. Emergency response
  2. Media management
  3. Disaster recovery


IMA’s crisis management guide can be customized to form your company’s own crisis management and emergency response plan. Because the risks your business faces are unique, IMA can adjust your plan to prepare for the issues specific to your company and industry. A good crisis management plan should:

  • Protect your reputation
  • Prevent losing customers
  • Support your employees
  • Avoid reductions in revenue
  • Contain unbudgeted expenditures