Our clients tell us that effective claim management is just a part of what we do. Whether the claim is routine or unusual, our experienced team takes aggressive action to get the best possible outcome.


Your Advocate

We understand your coverage and we serve as a liaison between your company and the insurance carrier.

  • Prompt reporting
  • Early intervention
  • Pursuit of timely settlement
  • Excellent communication

A customized process and a dedicated staff leads to the creation of a successful Claim Management Program for your company. It will result in a clearer understanding of your claim management process.

The IMA Claim Administration, Claim Management and Claim Processing Philosophy
Step One
  • Report claims quickly and accurately
  • Advise on the benefit of reporting claims in a timely manner
  • Advise you regarding actions to prevent further loss and mitigate damages
  • Request that experienced claims staff be assigned by the carrier
  • Assist you in presenting your loss to get the best results
Step Two
  • Help you understand your coverage
  • Identify solutions to provide coverage for unique exposures
  • Work to obtain the maximum insurance benefit under your policy
  • Contractual review of insurance and indemnity obligations pertaining to insurance coverage
  • Identify potential coverage gaps
  • Provide purpose-driven claim status updates
Step Three
  • Proactively communicate with the carrier, adjuster, and you
  • Prepare claim documentation for high-exposure claims
  • Serve as your voice in coverage disputes and advocate with insurance carriers, when necessary
  • Facilitate a timely resolution
  • Pursue best-in-class claim service from your carriers
  • Provide results-oriented claim management reports

Claims Advocacy

Prior to Claim
  •  Review current claim program by line of coverage
  •  Develop custom reporting procedures
  •  Assign designated adjusters
  •  Pre-determine settlement goals and consultative amounts
  •  Defense counsel selections
  • Engage and orient designated adjusters
Reviewing the Claim
  • Review all claim facts with you
  • Identify any potential coverage issues
  • Determine your desired outcome
  • Strategize with you to develop an action plan
  •  Respond promptly, advise and advocate
Controlling the Claim
  • Advocate for optimal coverage
  •  Develop clear and concise action plans with your adjusters
  • Provide written claim summaries
  • Ensure adjusters are proactively managing outcomes
  • Hold all stakeholders accountable to move claim towards resolution
Concluding the Claim
  • Communicate potential settlement prior to claim closure
  •  A good claim is a closed claim
  •  Continually monitor and revise protocols