The IMA Surety Team develops close relationships with our clients to better understand how we can most effectively work toward their success. Our job is not only writing surety bonds, but also helping companies succeed.

IMA knows what contractors, regardless of size, must do to be successful in bonding, and we’re genuinely interested in helping our clients reach their goals.

A Trusted Partner

In these challenging times, and amid an increasingly competitive marketplace, construction companies call IMA when they need bonds and insurance. They call us when they need sound advice from professionals familiar with the construction industry. IMA has helped a myriad of start-up and established companies, from companies involved in a generational transition to struggling companies that need help staying in business.

IMA works with general contractors, subcontractors, manufacturers, suppliers and other organizations that require bonding.

The need for a consistent surety relationship is more vital than ever before. We understand your bond needs can be an integral part of your business. IMA is an established national leader in the surety field known for creativity, expertise and excellent client service. We have experience placing bonds in all 50 states as well as outside the U.S.

With our market knowledge and underwriting experience, IMA knows what surety companies are looking for in order to provide surety credit. IMA has the capability to advise our clients on how to attract surety companies. We know and understand the surety marketplace and have strong relationships with the leading surety markets.

  • Seasoned problem-solvers
  • A surety team of 20 professionals
  • More than 250 years of combined surety experience on both the underwriting and brokerage side of the industry
  • Commitment to the construction industry
  • Surety practice leader is a former president of the NASBP
Beyond Executing Bonds
  • Innovative thinkers and strategic business advisors
  • Proactive advice
  • Strategies to maximize bondability and minimize risk
  • Contract analysis and review
  • Subcontract and owner prequalification
  • Working relationships with other key advisors such as CPAs, lawyers and bankers