Natural Perils


Perils in Focus | Wildfires

Counties with Highest Risk of Loss from Wildfires

The following list represents 25 counties with a Risk level rating of “Very High” or “Relatively High” that and have the highest “Individual Risk Hazard Scores” for experiencing losses from a Wildfire peril event.1

1. Riverside, CA
2. Los Angeles, CA
3. San Diego, CA
4. San Bernardino, CA
5. Navajo, AZ
6. Gila, AZ
7. Yavapai, AZ
8. Coconino, AZ
9. Marion, FL
10. Prima, AZ
11. Miami-Dade, FL
12. Madera, CA
13. Lee, FL

14. Brevard, FL
15. Otera, NM
16. Polk, FL
17. Volusia, FL
18. Collier, FL
19. Kern, CA
20. Oglala Lakota, SD
21. Apache, AZ
22. Charlotte, FL
23. Osceola, FL
24. Citrus, FL
25. Mohave, AZ

FEMA’s National Risk Index

To help communities better prepare and plan for natural disasters, FEMA has compiled a new dataset called the National Risk Index (NRI) to help identify the communities most at risk from 18 natural perils, with “Individual Risk Hazard” scores representing a county’s relative position among all other counties. There is also a corresponding qualitative rating, ranging from “Very Low” to “Very High,” for every Risk score.2

The Risk rating formulation measures potential economic loss, including loss of buildings, population and agriculture, and bodily harm to individuals. It also measures community factors and community resilience. Community factors look at how well the local community responds to natural perils’ adverse impacts, while community resilience factors measure a community’s ability to recover from a natural disaster.3


Further Reading

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For more location specific information, check with your local fire department or utility company.



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