As the Indian partner of the leading global insurance broking networks, Prudent has the unique advantage to provide global insurance solutions across over 120 countries and impeccable service to Indian multinationals with trusted partners who are industry leaders in their markets. Prudent’s strong relationships with insurer’s has allowed their services to advance at a rapid rate. They have a dedicated team specializing in international insurance program management, backed by their outstanding team of technical experts across all lines, insuring you best in class communication, coordination, technical expertise, and market access.

Their Background

Prudent has been diligently providing their clients with exemplary services for nearly two decades. Since their inception, Prudent has devoted a great deal of effort to be the standard for other Indian Brokers to follow. Not only do they emphasize quality and consistency in their work, but they place an immense value on delivering services that focus on each client’s individual needs. They are headquartered in Mumbai and have a large geographical presence with six additional offices located throughout India. Due to their 800+ employees, who provide services to over 3500 clients, Prudent has experience in many disciplines such P&C, Benefits, Retention and Cross-sell, and Risk Management. With a client retention rate of over 95%, it is clear that Prudent offers first-rate assistance to their customers.

Spotlighting Trends in India:

  • Government’s Goal to Expand Insurance- The FDI increased their limit in insurance from 49% to 74% in 2021 and continues to make strides to improve the stability of the insurance industry in the region.
  • Markets expected to see growth- Many people are living longer in and with that comes the need for more Pension Plans. Current market trends also show that the automobile insurance industry will be expanding in the next decade.


What is Prudent Up To?

Prudent is committed to offering cutting edge solutions while also maintaining the fundamental aspects of insurance services such as Claims Service and Proactive Policy Management. In order to keep everyone fully informed, they use an innovative technology system that allows complete transparency with their clients. Prudent can help design, implement and manage an international insurance program that provides Risk Management Department with control, ensures compliance with local laws and regulations, provides the broadest coverage possible, and controls cost over the long term. Their goal is to provide customizable coverage for each policy so that specific risk profiles are captured. One of their unique capabilities is how well resourced their Liability Insurance Space is. Prudent has been working diligently throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, and they have done a great deal of research and community outreach programs to help keep local communities up to date on the latest information. They have also been featured in Economic Times for their management of premiums and claims. For further reading on Prudent,



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