Nonprofits face frequent changes each year, and IMA, Inc. can help navigate them. It strongly believes in the tax exempt status afforded to nonprofits because of the services they provide to society.

Over the years, IMA has developed a keen understanding of nonprofit key components including: governance, planning and development, fundraising, strategic community alliances, financial and operation management, and attracting and retaining employees. Nonprofits realize that good intentions are no substitute for efficient organization, strong leadership, transparency, accountability, performance and results through strong management. These shared core values align perfectly with IMA’s mission to protect your assets and make a difference.

Specific expertise in all nonprofit segments:
  • Cultural institutions
  • Foundations
  • Research institutions
  • Trade associations
  • YMCAs, YWCAs and JCCs
  • National Science Foundation-funded organizations
  • Animal rescue organizations
  • Religious organizations
  • Educational organizations
  • Country clubs