Native American | Tribal Insurance Services

The risk management challenges that arise from protecting communities and enterprises built by Native American Tribal Nations are unique and complex. As Tribes continue to diversify, risks become ever challenging. IMA, Inc. is prepared to work with your Tribe to protect assets and the revenue streams generated by them. Let IMA help your Tribe utilize self-governance by helping managing risk, reducing insurance exposures and crafting Tribal ordinances that protect your profits and your people.

IMA specializes in many of the industries owned and operated by Tribes. Whether it is a casino, manufacturing plant, hotel, cultural center, construction company, oil and gas operation, government services or recreational facilities such as campgrounds, marinas, or golf courses, IMA can provide a unique perspective to create risk management solutions.

IMA believes it is important to first know our clients’ culture and business to better create a customized risk management program to meet those specific needs. IMA offers competitive tribal insurance pricing and provides many specialized services to help manage risk.

Its associates examine issues from all angles and creatively work to solve problems. Because of IMA’s global reach, its team has access to an incredibly wide range of products and services.

  • Property and liability
  • Business interruption
  • Safety and claims management: Tribal control over claims administration and support for a Tribal Court System
  • Employee benefits
  • Tribal controlled insurance programs
  • Environmental
  • Self insurance
  • Tribal officials errors and omissions
  • Wellness programs
  • Police professional
  • Medical professional
  • Workers’ compensation available in two distinct formats: In and out of the state system.

Out of the state system recognizes the inherent sovereignty of an Indian Nation in the exercise of certain freedoms from state regulation. The flexibility to vary deductible and self-insured retention (SIR) levels further enhances our ability to meet exacting customer requirements.

Native American Casino Insurance Expertise

IMA works actively with casinos owned by Tribal Nations and understands the diversity and cultural sensitivity necessary for success. Specialized services for Tribal Nation casino insurance include:

  • An understanding of Tribal sovereignty on and off reservation
  • A review of Tribal tort ordinances and state compacts
  • Establishing 24-hour claim reporting and emergency services
  • Claim administration support for a Tribal Court System
  • Coordination with the Federal Tort Claim Act