Hospitality insurance services for hotels, casinos, restaurants and more

IMA, Inc. specializes in providing risk management and insurance coverage tailored to the hospitality industry, including but not limited to hotelrestaurant and casino owners, operators, property managers and investors.

A dedicated hospitality team brings extensive knowledge to handle multi-location companies and franchisees with complex risks and a wide range of needs. IMA provides coverage for more than 9,000 hospitality operations throughout the U.S. with expertise ranging from proprietary coverages to captives and alternative risk programs. IMA is the vendor of choice for several nationally recognized associations for both hotels and restaurants.

At your service, IMA offers unique management tools for claim data and loss control to more effectively advise hospitality clients a different way to attack and reduce risk exposures.
Hospitality specific coverages:
  • Flood, earthquake and coastal wind
  • Employment practices and liability
  • Restaurant recovery insurance
  • International exposure
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Marinas
  • Cyber risk
  • Recreation activities
  • Golf courses
  • Liquor liability
  • Garagekeepers
  • Spa liability

IMA is actively involved in industry associations that keep it current with emerging trends, economic forecasts and current knowledge. IMA is positioned to offer clients access to a wide variety of carriers.

Risk Control

IMA works closely with hospitality clients to design plans to help prevent and mitigate loss. It is a process that can identify the risks facing your organization – both big and small. We then are able to act as your risk management department to prioritize objectives and create custom service plans to help owners and management teams achieve their risk management goals.

Casino Insurance Services from IMA

IMA’s specialized hospitality insurance expertise extends to risk management for casinos. IMA works closely with casino industry clients to identify their risks, such as new technology and handling of cash. We then create custom service plans that help casino owners and operators achieve their risk management goals.

Native American Casino Expertise

IMA works actively with casinos owned by Tribal Nations and understands the diversity and cultural sensitivity necessary for success. Our specialized services for Tribal insurance and casino insurance include:

  • An understanding of Tribal sovereignty on and off reservation
  • A review of Tribal tort ordinances and state compacts
  • Establishing 24-hour claim reporting and emergency services
  • Claim administration support for a Tribal Court System
  • Coordination with the Federal Tort Claim Act
Hotel Insurance Services

IMA, Inc. provides risk management and insurance coverages tailored to hotel clients across the United States that can handle complex risks with knowledge, service and leadership. IMA expertise ranges from proprietary coverage programs to catastrophic perils of earthquake, flood and windstorm to captives and special risk alternatives.

Through its risk assessment process, IMA brings a collaborative approach by helping hotel clients implement and measure insurance cost reduction strategies, improve coverage and reach expert resources. What does this collaborative approach mean to you?

  • Coverages and markets tailored to your specific needs
  • Experienced risk management professionals to assist you in critical claims mitigation
  • Loss Reduction through targeted claims management strategies
  • The potential for premium reduction as a result of decreased claims costs
Loss Control for the Hospitality Industry

IMA works closely with hospitality clients to design plans to help prevent and mitigate loss. It allows IMA to identify the risks facing your organization both big and small. IMA can then act as your risk management specialists to create custom service plans that help hotel owners and management teams achieve their risk management goals.

Resources available to assist clients include:

  • Custom corporate loss prevention programs across multiple flags
  • Training materials in Spanish and English
  • Customizable in-house and train-the-trainer sessions
  • Accountability programs and safety committee support
  • Food and beverage resources and training
  • Safety and security audits and support to implement changes
  • OSHA, NFPA and regulatory compliance assistance
  • Accident Investigation training
  • Return-to-work, cost containment and grant application assistance
  • Emergency response and disaster recovery planning
Portfolio Growth and New Development

IMA has the experience to manage your insurance needs related to portfolio acquisition and new construction. IMA offers specialized services including:

  • Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP) – Specialized department with the ability to place insurance coverage and administer the program
  • Builders Risk– Construction expertise to customize and create programs based on the specific needs of the project
  • Contract Review*– The IMA contract administration team offers clients access to contract review within the scope of insurance and risk management.
  • Surety – Nationally recognized surety professionals to assist with all your bond needs ranging from utility/ municipal bonds to construction bonds for your contractors
  • Due Diligence Assistance – Review existing insurance program including coverages, structure, and past claims performance to determine potential financial impact of the acquisition
  • Risk Management Implementation – Thorough review of claims and safety program to ensure consistency with corporate risk management program
Restaurant insurance and hospitality insurance from IMA

IMA provides risk management and insurance coverages tailored to several public and private national and franchised concepts across the United States, handling complex risks with proven knowledge, service and leadership. Our expertise ranges from proprietary coverage programs to captives and special risk alternatives.

IMA’s dedicated restaurant team manages risks for over 5000 units in more than 25  concepts encompassing quick service, casual and fine dining. Our restaurant practice is knowledgeable, flexible, and responsive, using the collective resources of our team to mitigate risks and help ensure a safe and profitable work environment.