The world of education is complex and faces complicated risk management challenges. Safety and security are concerns along with rising costs and decreasing funding. Managing these and other risks are important to maintaining an institution’s operational success and reputation.

IMA, Inc. is a full service insurance broker bringing the ability to handle all lines of coverage for schools while also providing in-house risk control and claims management expertise.

IMA’s education practice is focused on developing customized risk management and insurance solutions for all types of educational institutions. Let IMA help you determine potential issues and assist you in choosing strategies to manage them.

Insurance programs are available for Independent College Associations. Learn how IMA can help your association through economies of scale.

Independent College Association Programs

IMA, Inc.’s administration of association programs provides invaluable experience facilitating group efforts while staying true to the unique mission and goals of each entity. By strategically applying core risk management principals, together we can reduce actual and potential claims and ultimately drive down the net cost of insurance.

What can an Independent College Association insurance program mean to you?
  • Reduced premiums through economies of scale
  • Increased limits and coverages; reduced deductibles
  • Tailored coverages and deductibles for your specific college, reducing net cost
  • Reduction in net cost

IMA professionals are experienced in the unique challenges of educational institutions and of private college associations in particular. IMA will provide clear consultation through a customized service plan and stewardship report to ensure ongoing success. In turn, association members are asked to actively participate in setting goals and to be open to risk assessment, benchmarking and best practices.

Student & Athletic Health Cost

There are many departments at your institution that have an impact on the overall effectiveness of your student and athletic insurance program. The IMA, Inc. collaborative approach can tailor a specific plan for your institution. At IMA, we bring each department together to build a program covering each department’s specific need.

What does this collaborative approach mean to you?

  • Students and athletes have better access to proper medical treatment
  • Coverages tailored to your specific needs
  • Net Cost Reduction
  • Loss reduction through targeted claims management
  • Premium reduction as a result of decreased claims costs
  • Flexible program structure allowing for maximum cash flow

In one case, over a four year period, a client made ardent strides toward reducing costs by 40 percent and reducing claims by 75 percent – quite the impact compared to their previous trend of a 50 percent increase in claims three years ago.