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Helping you uncover better opportunities to engage with your workforce during these uncertain times



COVID-19 Pulse Survey

Around the globe, COVID-19 is affecting almost every aspect of daily life. In addition to their workload, many employees may be struggling with anxiety, coping with newfound childcare and home school responsibilities, or caring for a sick family member.

Companies want to make sure they are supporting their workforce, but it can be challenging to know where to start and what resources their employees need most:

  • Are teams feeling overwhelmed or struggling to find their purpose?
  • Do employees feel like they have a healthy work-life balance? Do they feel supported by leadership?
  • Are employees struggling with anxiety? Do they know where to go to access mental health resources?
  • Do employees feel they are tied to their home office from 8-5 pm whether or not they’re being productive?

The IMA COVID-19 Pulse Survey is a survey designed to help companies uncover better opportunities to engage with their workforce during these uncertain times. This short survey captures specific employee feedback to help companies uphold their responsibility to provide strong leadership, support, and communication throughout this pandemic.

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