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Best practices for preparing and filing claims during COVID-19



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As the known threat from the novel Coronavirus COVID-19 grows, so does the impact it is having on businesses on both a direct and indirect basis. While COVID-19 may be considered the proximate source of losses for these claims- every company will need to evaluate their coverage options individually.

Claim Reporting Numbers

Find Claim reporting numbers, email address and how to quickly report claims online.

Claim Reporting Numbers

Business Interruption Claims: What to Expect

Across the insurance industry we expect to see initial carrier denials based on the requirement for direct physical loss to property. However, it is still unclear how this requirement will ultimately play out in the face of COVID-19 claims.

Business Interruption Claims: What to Expect

Business Interruption Claims Reporting Procedure & Loss Documentation

The impact of COVID-19 on American businesses has increased dramatically over the last several weeks as state and local governments order mandatory shut-downs and ‘shelter in place’ orders, further complicating operations for businesses already impacted by COVID-19.

Best Practices for Business Interruption Claims

Legislative Updates: State-By-State Regulatory Responses

Each state is taking a unique approach in its regulatory and legislative response to COVID-19. This is a state-by-state breakdown in this document from the Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers.

COVID-19 has given rise to global concerns about the impact on business operations. In the coming weeks, as your attention shifts to assessing the impact on your business, you will undoubtedly turn to your insurance coverage and prepare to submit an insurance claim. We want you to know that IMA has proactively assembled a team of specialists to address your questions about your coverage and assist you with the claims process. We are confronting uncharted territory and there remain many unknowns including how the insurance market will respond to the unprecedented number of business loss claims that are anticipated. The available information continues to evolve and our team is actively monitoring government orders and legislation, claims determinations by insurance companies, and decisions issued by courts. While it is the insurance company that will ultimately respond to your claim and decide whether you have coverage, IMA will assist in any way that we can.