Member benefits for the Construction Industry of Kansas Health Trust

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Four Ways Your Business Can Benefit

1. How an Association Health Plan Can Save You Money


Historically stable rate increases and carrier rate discounts.


Ability to rate employers based on claims experience compared to modified community rating required by The Affordable Care Act.


Small employers who choose qualified association health plans have the purchasing power of a large group and can negotiate for better plan designs and better prices.

2. How an Association Health Plan Benefits Your Employees

Employers can offer comprehensive benefit plans with a minimum group size of 2.

3. How an Association Health Plan Can Save You Time

When your Association Health Plans works in partnership with Administrative Services Group, a third party administrator with 40+ years of experience administering Association and Trust business, you have the option of many time saving services including:
  • COBRA Administration
  • Section125 Premium Only Plan/Cafeteria Plan Administration
  • Consolidation of multiple carriers into one bill. Remit one check for multiple carrier premium payments
  • Eligibility services for multiple carriers sent to one place
  • Compliance and audit coordination for Department of Labor, Department of Insurance and ERISA
  • Summary Plan Description distribution
  • Personal customer service for billing and eligibility questions

4. How an Association Health Plan Benefits Your Industry

By supporting your association and enrolling in the Association Health Care Program, your business is helping your Trade Association.

24/7 Doctor Access – The physician can diagnose, treat and prescribe with no consult fee to you anytime, anywhere.
Top 10 Diagnosis: Allergies, Bronchitis, Sinusitus, Earache, URI, Sore Throat, Pink Eye, Strep Throat and UTI.
No copay on this service for members. Paid for by the CIK Trust.