Exclusive ethanol captives, biodiesel insurance programs


IMA currently works with more than 100 biofuel plants, insuring more than $8 billion in property values. That vast experience enables IMA to offer services including exclusive ethanol captives and biodiesel insurance programs, as well as risk control and safety programs tailored for the biofuels industry.

Biofuel technology

With the broad scope of technologies used in the creation of biofuel, bioenergy plants must consider the risks associated with the performance of these technologies.


Supply chain risks

Biomass feedstock is the plant and algae materials used to derive fuels like ethanol, butanol, biodiesel and other hydrocarbon fuels. Feedstock is the essential first step in the bioenergy supply chain. Maintaining consistent, high-quality supply is vital to production.


Storage risks such as fire and flooding


Environmental compliance

Noise and odors from developments on brownfield sites and ongoing operations may cause disruption for government and locals nearby.



There are risks when transporting equipment and products, both from transport and the products themselves since some biomass and biofuel can contain impurities and pollutants.


Higher frequency of maintenance and inspection checks

Biofuel and biomass equipment is often specialized, requiring more frequent maintenance and inspections.