What you see
is what you get.

Whether it is legal council or a safety issue, IMA
is fast to respond and uses a team approach to
protect your assets.

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Construction insurance for builders and contractors

The complex risk management challenges facing the construction industry require detailed specialization. IMA’s deep experience and expertise arms you with the tools you need to navigate this complex environment of risk control, surety, contracts and more to mitigate your risk.

We want your business to succeed, and that starts with understanding your organization from the inside and out.

Our technical professionals then work with
you to identify, develop & deliver customized
risk control strategies and tactics

IMA advocates on your behalf and assists our
construction clients with risk control support

Beyond Coverage

In addition to services offered by traditional brokers, IMA provides many services that help you understand risk factors relevant to your business.

  • Contract Review* within the scope of insurance and risk management when entering into agreements with a third party.
  • Pre-underwriting your account to identify issues and proactively developing answers to potential underwriter questions.
  • An audit of your existing program(s) to identify coverage gaps and potential enhancements.
  • Coverage analysis to assist with selection options that fit your organization’s complexities.
  • Claims specialists with legal and carrier backgrounds who understand construction claims.
  • Alternative risk transfer options (self-funding, captives, association programs, etc.)
  • Benchmarking with claim trending tools to assist in determining appropriate limits.
  • Aviation (manned and unmanned aircraft) expertise due to the rise in drone usage.
  • Workers’ compensation review to help reduce your experience mod factor
  • Cyber exposures due to the increase in construction cyber breaches
  • Using Telematics to drive down risks and control losses
  • Loss sensitive programs
  • International experience and resources
  • Professional and pollution liability
  • Contractor-led design build

IMA proudly participates in legislative,
education, and safety endeavors at
the state and national levels.

Additionally, the construction industry feels supported because of our constant
desire to seek out alternative solutions to insurance and surety challenges.

Wrap Up Insurance
for Contractors

The IMA wrap-up unit possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience that allows us to provide you with a high level of professional service.

IMA is at the forefront in the insurance community for
contractors, providing the insurance and surety needs
for more than 200 contractors and are active members
in several construction associations.


IMA adopts an intensive service plan to fit your diverse needs. Our expertise includes owner-controlled (OCIP) as well as contractor-controlled (CCIP) wrap-up programs for both commercial and residential projects.
  • Feasibility studies
  • Insurance marketing and placement
  • Creation of project manuals and enrollment packets
  • Program administration
  • Safety programs and loss control services
  • Claims management


IMA customizes an administration program for each wrap-up client.
Database Capabilities
  • Enrollment Information
  • Welcome Letters
  • Certificate Tracking
  • Monthly Payroll Tracking
  • Contractor & Subcontractor Credits
  • Change Orders
Reporting Capabilities
  • Contractor Inventory (enrolled parties)
  • Monthly Payroll/Exposure
  • Change Orders
  • Contractor Credits
  • Policy Numbers

Not all builders’ risk policies are created equal.

IMA develops builders’ risk programs that mirror clients’
risk appetite. IMA has relationships with regional,
national and London markets. The global reach offers
access to specific programs for global clients.

Challenges and issues in this area of insurance

  • Flood & earthquake coverage
  • Design responsibilities
  • Alternative project funding (public-private partnerships)
  • Wind Hail exposures and retentions
  • Site security
  • Existing building coverage & early occupancy
  • Owner-versus-contractor provided policies
  • Large retentions & risk transfer
  • Special requirements tax credit and HUD projects
  • Coverage forms
  • High hazard territories and reinsurance requirements
  • Testing, professional services, financing, damages, and other soft costs and their impact to program design

Industry focus

  • Commercial Construction – New and Renovation
  • Heavy Civil Contractors – Bridges, tunnels, dams
  • Power and Industrial – Wind, solar, nuclear, coal
  • Residential Construction – Homebuilders, condos and apartments
  • Contractors/Owners

Program structures

  • Master Builder’s Risk Program – Dedicated policy structure, limits and rates
  • Project Specific – Policy tailored for a specific project
  • Quota Share – Two or more carriers take on an allocated percentage of the risk
  • Loss Limit – Policy limit set to an agreed upon value