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2020 Election

NOVEMBER 9, 2020  |  2 MIN READ

2020 Legality  Results


Several notable measures regarding legality of drugs were on the ballots at both the state and local levels this November. The following is a recap of the results.

2020 Election Results
Arizona – Recreational marijuana for adults
Mississippi – Medical marijuana legalization
Montana – Recreational marijuana for adults
New Jersey – Recreational marijuana for adults
Oregon – Legalize psilocybin for therapeutic purposes; decriminalize all currently illicit drugs
South Dakota – Medical marijuana & recreational marijuana
Washington D.C. – Decriminalization of psychedelics (psilocybin, ayahuasca, and ibogaine)
StateLegal StatusMedicinalDecriminalizedState Laws
AlabamaFully IllegalNoNoView State Laws
AlaskaFully LegalYesYesView State Laws
ArizonaFully Legal*YesYes*View State Laws
ArkansasMixedYesNoView State Laws
CaliforniaFully LegalYesYesView State Laws
ColoradoFully LegalYesYesView State Laws
ConnecticutMixedYesYesView State Laws
DelawareMixedYesYesView State Laws
District of ColumbiaFully LegalYesYesView State Laws
FloridaMixedYesNoView State Laws
GeorgiaMixedCBD Oil OnlyNoView State Laws
HawaiiMixedYesYesView State Laws
IdahoFully IllegalNoNoView State Laws
IllinoisFully LegalYesYesView State Laws
IndianaMixedCBD Oil OnlyNoView State Laws
IowaMixedCBD Oil OnlyNoView State Laws
KansasFully IllegalNoNoView State Laws
KentuckyMixedCBD Oil OnlyNoView State Laws
LouisianaMixedYesNoView State Laws
MaineFully LegalYesYesView State Laws
MarylandMixedYesYesView State Laws
MassachusettsFully LegalYesYesView State Laws
MichiganFully LegalYesYesView State Laws
MinnesotaMixedYesYesView State Laws
MississippiMixed*Yes*YesView State Laws
MissouriMixedYesYesView State Laws
MontanaFully Legal*YesYes*View State Laws
NebraskaFully IllegalNoYesView State Laws
NevadaFully LegalYesYesView State Laws
New HampshireMixedYesYesView State Laws
New JerseyFully Legal*YesYes*View State Laws
New MexicoMixedYesYesView State Laws
New YorkMixedYesYesView State Laws
North CarolinaFully IllegalNoYesView State Laws
North DakotaMixedYesYesView State Laws
OhioMixedYesYesView State Laws
OklahomaMixedYesNoView State Laws
OregonFully LegalYesYesView State Laws
PennsylvaniaMixedYesNoView State Laws
Rhode IslandMixedYesYesView State Laws
South CarolinaFully IllegalNoNoView State Laws
South DakotaFully Legal*Yes*Yes*View State Laws
TennesseeFully IllegalNoNoView State Laws
TexasMixedCBD Oil OnlyNoView State Laws
UtahMixedYesNoView State Laws
VermontFully LegalYesYesView State Laws
VirginiaMixedCBD Oil OnlyYesView State Laws
WashingtonFully LegalYesYesView State Laws
West VirginiaMixedYesNoView State Laws
WisconsinFully IllegalNoNoView State Laws
WyomingFully IllegalNoNoView State Laws

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