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It is no secret that the workforce is changing. Employees are expecting more out of their current or prospective companies, and corporate leaders are beginning to take notice. In fact, 78% of leaders are more concerned about talent shortage today than they were one year ago, and in response, an organization’s people are becoming a major focus across industries.

IMA Total Rewards is your people solution. Our team of experts guides you through an in-depth, 3-step process to truly understand both your employees and executives in order to reach common ground. IMA Total Rewards is here to help Make Work a Better Place.

1. Insights

Capture the voice of executive leaders and employees to gain data on workplace values, preferences and engagement.

2. Strategy

Integrate people, financial and benefits analytics to build a comprehensive strategy.

3. Activation

Bring your employee marketing to life through engaging communications and ongoing insights collection.

What Makes Us Different?

Analysis. The IMA Total Rewards team takes the time to understand what your employees truly value at work (or what they don’t) and provide analysis that helps our clients make data-driven decisions on how to best invest in their people.

Integrated. Our Total Rewards philosophy is bigger than just the benefits and compensation components, we look at the full employee experience. From learning and development to the physical work environment and the overall culture, we consider all aspects.

Customized. All organizations are unique and have different, cultures, and structures. Our team takes care to ensure that we fully understand each company’s particular needs, and provides recommendations that help enhance their current state.


Client Testimonials and Improvement Statistics 

“I don’t know what we would have done without this information. IMA Total Rewards identified something we didn’t have…communications.”

“This report is like gold.”

  • Decreased turnover by 23% in less than 2 years ($550k in savings)
  • Improved NPS (net promoter score) by 22 points in less than 1 year (over 100 new promoters)

Meet IMA Total Rewards

Jessi Ryan at DisruptHR in Wichita

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