THE TAKEAWAYS: Great Place to Work® For All™ Summit 2018

“CULTURE is the new salary and one of the most important factors for job seekers.” – LinkedIn


Give everyone in the organization a voice

Capture ongoing & frequent feedback from employees (at least quarterly)

Glassdoor – It’s relevant, so decide what it means to your company


Fairness for all

Embrace diversity

Fair representation of women & men in leadership

Close the salary gap between women & men

Embrace those with disabilities


Having an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is a must

Identify career paths

Integrate your values into EVERYTHING you do

Wellbeing: Business travel tips, sleep,  technology usage,  burnout awareness


Break down silos


Elevate employees

Inspire employees

Study, learn, listen, act

TECHNOLOGY A.I., social collaboration, recognition

“We’re not getting rid of our people, we’re just using them differently.” Paul Blowers, CIO Plante Moran


“Don’t let your website be a lie.”

“Show your values to your  customers through  your people.”

Elana Gomez, CFO Zendesk


“Have the bravery to let top performers go if they don’t fit the culture.”

“Instead of a sales pitch, give your prospects an experience.”

– Chris Taylor, CEO Square Root,  Inc.

“Your culture is already happening, why not invest in it?”

“Be obsessed with frontline employees.”

“Frequent culture surveys is where  you’ll get the best data.”

“Executives – How committed are  you to being the leader that you  want your people to be?”

Anita Grantham, CPO Pluralsight

“Talking to real people is just as important as data.”

“HR – Help your executive team see their blind spots.”

Tim Ryan, Sr. Partner PwC


“It’s crazy not to survey employees  on a regular basis.”

“It doesn’t cost a lot of money to  treat people with respect.”

Matt Skylar, CHRO Hilton

“The CEO’s job is to protect individual contributors because they’re the ones doing the real work.”
“Profitability should be the outcome of the things you’re doing right with your people.”
Aneel Bhusri, CEO Workday