On Monday, January 25, 2021, the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing invited vendors to bid on several operational responsibilities for Colorado’s Canadian Drug Importation Program.  The intent of this program is to “provide access to Canada’s lower priced drugs to Colorado employers and consumers.”  Bids are due by April 26, with contracts potentially being awarded later this year.

  • “One vendor will be responsible for administrative and programmatic functions including compliance monitoring, communications, and data collection.”
  • “A second vendor – a foreign seller, which is a Canadian wholesaler – will purchase prescription drugs for the Colorado market.”
  • “A third vendor – referred to as an importer, a pharmacist or U.S. wholesaler – will
    • contract with the foreign seller to facilitate the importation of the prescription drugs into Colorado,
    • manage the drug distribution system, which includes ensuring imported products are tested to meet safety standards through the use of a qualified laboratory,
    • ensure all imported products are appropriately labeled and packaged for the Colorado market, [and]
    • contract with Colorado pharmacies to ensure Colorado consumers have access to imported products.”

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