Free Mental Health Resources

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has caused a great deal of disruption to daily life and, for many, has introduced new sources of stress.



Free COVID-19 Mental Health Resources

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has caused a great deal of disruption to daily life and, for many, has introduced new sources of stress.

Many households find themselves coping with new work and living arrangements, concern or care of loved ones, and the “new normals” of life in a pandemic. While there are many new sources of stress, there are also new ways to combat the encroaching mental fatigue. Many companies are now offering discounted subscriptions or free classes right now, which makes it easier than ever to focus on your mental well-being! Whether its guided meditation, mindfulness resources with tips and tricks, or fitness classes to help you reduce stress and relax – we have compiled a list of resources and vendors that might be helpful to you during this time.



Take some time to clear your head through guided meditation from Headspace.

Click here to gain access to a specially curated collection of meditation and mindfulness content, called Weathering the Storm.


Take advantage of sleep stories, meditations, music, and mindful movement through this free online hub.

Be on the lookout for live-streamed, anxiety-reducing meditation sessions on their app in the coming weeks.


This company has compiled a course of tips and tricks to help ease the anxiety, fear, and stress caused by the coronavirus pandemic as a free resource – click here to gain access to the content.


The company that put text-therapy on the map is offering a variety of free resources during this time:

Therapist-led support groups are available on Facebook and Instagram, where anyone can access a safe space to share worries or concerns and not feel alone.

Friends, extended family or peers without a TalkSpace benefit can have a no-cost consultation with a therapist, via text messaging, from TalkSpace’s mobile app. Download the app to get access. If you are interested in additional support, you can do so at a reduced rate for one month (use “TAKECARE150” for a $150 discount).

Complimentary services to frontline medical workers – download the app, then input your NPI and state of residence for verification and starting accessing the Unlimited Messaging Plus plan.

Bravo and Cleveland Clinic

Access COVID-19 self-help content on-demand as well as free access to Cleveland Clinic Health Coaches, click here to get started.

Discounted Therapy

Licensed therapists from across the United States have come together to offer discounted therapy ($50/session) for those working on the frontline during the pandemic (grocery store, healthcare, delivery workers). Get started by clicking this link and submitting a request.

CorePower Yoga

The famous yoga studio is offering free access to an exclusive collection of online classes through CorePower Yoga On Demand – click here to get started.


Needing to sweat it out? Wellbeats is offering free access to 500+ workouts – click here to sign up with your work email and you will receive an email with your access code.

In addition to these vendors, be sure to reach out to your HR team or check your benefits package for additional resources that are available to you through your medical plan, EAP or other services offered through your company.

IMA does not endorse these vendor solutions or offer them as medical advice. These are free solutions that may be of interest to our clients and their employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you need additional support or are having thoughts of self-harm, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.