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Gain insights on employee benefits and HR topics from IMA’s industry experts

Medical 101

In this webinar, HR leaders are given the opportunity to update their knowledge on essential employee benefits best practices and concepts. The topics covered include benefit laws, funding arrangements, plan benefits, and process checklists. This comprehensive overview equips HR leaders with the necessary knowledge and tools to make informed decisions and manage benefits programs effectively.

Dental & Vision

In this webinar, IMA’s expert will take a deep dive into the unique characteristics of dental and vision coverage. Participants will go through the various plan types, discount programs, and limitations of both benefits.

Life & Disability Benefits

In this webinar, we unravel the complexities surrounding life and disability insurance. HR leaders will gain refreshed knowledge on benefit and premium calculations, filing claim guidelines, as well as the distinctions between guaranteed issue and evidence of insurability.

FSA / HSA / Commuter Benefits

In this webinar, Nolan Thomas and Wex’s Regional Director Bridgit Moszer took a deep dive into the benefits and advantages of HSA, FSA, and commuter benefits. Participants had the opportunity to gain valuable insights and enhance their understanding of these important employee benefits programs.

Tips for Open Enrollment

In this webinar, we discuss essential tips for a successful open enrollment season. IMA’s experts share best practices for communicating with employees, selecting and presenting benefit options, and handling any challenges that may arise during the process.

Fringe Benefits

In this webinar, we discuss the tax implications and valuation of fringe benefits. IMA’s expert speaker covers a range of topics, including how to determine the fair market value of fringe benefits and how to properly document them for tax purposes.


In this webinar, IMA’s expert will provide an overview of the latest compliance regulations and best practices for managing employee benefits. We’ll discuss the key compliance challenges facing HR professionals today and gain insights on how to avoid costly penalties and fines.

Federal Mandates Outside of COBRA, ERISA, ACA

In this insightful webinar, we explore the various federal mandates, including but not limited to FMLA, OSHA standards, ADA, and EEOC guidelines. IMA’s expert provides a comprehensive overview of each mandate, discussing key provisions, compliance obligations, and recent updates.

Employee Navigator / Enrollment Systems

In this webinar, we demonstrate how to run reports in Employee Navigator based on the data HR professionals need. IMA’s expert provides step-by-step guidance on how to generate custom reports that can help employers better understand their organization’s HR data and make informed decisions.

Section 125 / Cafeteria Plans

Taxes, they impact everything from your purchase of a pack of gum to what we spend on medical insurance. In this session learn about the requirements around tax deductibility of premiums, what changes are allowed under IRS rules (known as qualifying events), and the benefits eligible.

Domestic Partners

In this engaging webinar, we provide HR professionals with a comprehensive understanding of domestic partnership benefits and policies. IMA’s expert discusses the key aspects of domestic partnerships, including eligibility criteria, benefits coverage, taxation implications, and documentation requirements.


In this comprehensive webinar, we provide a comprehensive overview of the key principles and requirements outlined in HIPAA. From understanding the scope of protected health information to implementing safeguards, IMA’s expert equips HR professionals with the necessary knowledge and tools to ensure compliance and maintain the privacy and security of employee health data.


In this webinar, we take a deep dive into the requirements, eligibility, and enrollment timelines of COBRA. IMA’s expert provides a comprehensive overview of COBRA, including eligibility coverage, the enrollment process, and how to maintain compliance with the regulations.