Formerly Signature Select LLC, company rebrands as IMA Select

Signature Select LLC, a subsidiary of IMA, Inc., announced today an exciting new chapter for the organization. Effective Jan. 2, the organization is now named IMA Select LLC to better align with the brand and values of IMA, Inc.  IMA Select is one of the largest independent insurance advisors for businesses and individuals in the U.S. The company’s updated logo can be downloaded here.

The new IMA Select brand allows the company to articulate IMA’s custom approach and a unified focus on service. It is also an opportunity to incorporate plain speak and modern tools to offer a different insurance experience. IMA has a history of going out of its way to find the right solution, and the new IMA Select builds upon that.

“Our clients are one of a kind and need unique personal and business protection. We’re independent and can leverage the IMA business model, market clout and brand to get them the best possible solution,” said IMA Select President Brian Sandy. “When life happens, clients will have confidence knowing we’ve already thought of the specific shields to protect their lifestyle and livelihood.”

It’s also an opportunity to highlight IMA’s investment in support staff, which is double the industry average.

“Service is in our DNA, and we’ve built our business around helping others,” Sandy continued. “Our clients put an incredible amount of time, money and energy into their lifestyle. We’ve done the same and know they deserve the polished assurance that comes from mature decision making and side-by-side attention.”

A new brand also brings new tools to provide clear protections. A new IMA digital presence consolidates four previously independent websites into one source of timely content. When there’s a trend affecting an industry or region, will be the authority for important updates. IMA Select’s web presence will also soon be adding modern amenities in line with today’s trends including online payments, access to policy information from anywhere with an internet connection, and the ability to self-issue standardized certificates to expedite client business objectives.

“We want to change the way people think and feel about insurance,” Sandy said. “We believe our clients deserve better than the one-size-fits-none mainstream insurance market. We have a history of providing tailored solutions for unique risks and are committed to educating and coaching our clients to feel confident in their decisions.”

About IMA Select

IMA Select LLC provides clear protections in the form of insurance for successful individuals and small businesses. It has offices in Austin, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City and Wichita. The company is led by President Brian Sandy and employs nearly 80 associates.

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